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Welcome Tigers!!! 2022-2023
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December 7, 2022

We start each day with a moment of silence. Please pause for a moment of silence.

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance



I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.                                                                  


Attendance winner for Monday was 6th grade at 97%. Yesterday was the 6th grade with 91%. Faculty/staff had 96% and 100%.

It looks like Charlotte is back this year to keep a close eye on us for Santa. Be on the look-out for her.

Teachers, don’t forget to do a CB check by Dec. 16th. Email me and let me know the results. Thank you Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Decoursey, and Mr. T for taking care of this.

8th grade students don’t forget, if you are interested in going on the Washington D.C. trip in May, there is still time to sign up. Information sheets are on the table outside the office. 

Today we will all be taking the math Benchmark test. Don’t forget to take your calculators and headphones to small groups.  Teachers, don’t forget to check time limits for this test and call the office when you are finished. 

Students, don’t forget about our before and after school tutoring.  Teachers, if you have students that are missing work or have make-up work to do, you may call parents and assign after school tutoring on Tues. & Thurs. Make sure you get a permission slip for them. You can get permission when you make the call. See me if you have any questions.

8th Grade ads for yearbooks are due on Dec. 16th. Forms are available on the table outside the office. All money and forms can be turned in to Ms. Haley in room 126.

Tigers played Burns last night and we had Wins across the board- All 4 teams won. Today they will travel to McEwen, Varsity girls play at 4 and Varsity boys play at 5. Tomorrow night, they are back home against Waverly. If you worked the gate last night, I put your jeans pass in your mailbox this morning.

Today in history:

December 7, 1941: Japanese planes attacked the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, killing more than 2,300 Americans. The U.S.S. Arizona was completely destroyed and the U.S.S. Oklahoma capsized. A total of twelve ships sank or were beached in the attack and nine additional vessels were damaged. More than 160 aircraft were destroyed and more than 150 others damaged. The following day President Franklin Roosevelt, addressing a joint session of Congress, called December 7 "a date which will live in infamy." Declaring war against Japan, Congress ushered the United States into World War II.

MORNING KORNY:  What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A Christmas Quacker!


Salsbury steak

              Mashed potatoes

              Green beans

              Pineapple tidbits

              Fresh fruit

             Dinner roll


Remember, at CMS, we’re all about…

Teamwork, Integrity, Growth, Enthusiasm, Respect…That’s the Tiger Way

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